oredev wednesday

after the two workshop days now the real conference part starts. and the venue is filling up.

ok what happend today:


first keynote by david rowan from wired magazine. on software won - what now? he appeals to the software community to create software with a greater good in mind. he shows examples like hurricane hacker and educational sites. liked the moral touch.


  • first talk by diana larsen about managing agile teams where she introduces us into agile fluency a sensible concept for agile team classification. she developed this concept with martin fowler and james shore.
  • next lisa crispin on pair programming. after unfortunate technical problems she shows pros and cons on pairing. i liked the idea to have two monitors, mouse and keyboards for pairing. also i never thought about the idea of pairing with a tester or pairing two tester. but that seems interesting. after this talk i think i need to pair more ;-)


  • the next talk by brian foote about software in the age of sampling. sorry didnt like it very much. he had technical problems and i couldnt get the idea. perhaps he wanted to tell that it is ok to copy, paste, transform code from other sources...donno.
  • the secrets of chrome developer tools by patrick dubroy. he's a developer at the google dev tools team in munich. liked the talk. biggest new info: in the sources panel you can prettyprint javascript files if they where minified for better debugging. great!
  • the talk by shay friedman what c# could do that had good topic and good performance but no new info for me. he talked about dynamic keyword, expandoobject, the dlr and the iron* languages und the roslyn-(new-c#-compiler-rewritten-in-c#)-project
  • it's not you, it's them: why programming languages are hard to teach by zed a. shaw aka programming-motherfucker. awesome talk. really liked the language bashing ;-) had good ideas i think and invited the scientific community to do more research on how programming languages are learned and thereby can be improved towards better lernability.


  • keynote by jim mccarthy of microsoft visual c++ (and more) fame. i liked the energy he had although sometimes he went into kindof preaching...perhaps less would be more. besides he promised every team can have a "shared vision" and the audience agreed that that is a very good thing, but then he didnt told us how to get there...damn.
  • after the keynote there was great food, warm beer (arg), live jazz music and a quiz (where i won the first round which surprised me more than anybody else. now i own a superman-costume.)

so i am curious about tomorrow. but i am certain it will be great. see u all