oredev memes summary

here on oredev the conference rooms are named after internet memes. what a great idea.

i compiled a list of links for you to enjoy information on the memes (with mini explanations mainly from wikipedia), ordered by youtube hits:

  • gangnam style, 664,8mio hits wow, A song and music video by South Korean rapper, Psy, showing him doing an "invisible horse dance" across a number of odd locations, leading to its viral spread as well as the single reaching international music charts
  • nyan cat, 87.5mio hits, A YouTube video of an animated flying cat, set to a Utau song
  • honey bagder, 53.4mio hits, A YouTube video posted in 2011 by Randall featuring a comedic narration dubbed over pre-existing National Geographic footage
  • double rainbow, 35.7mio hits, Video posted to YouTube by Paul Vasquez of him filming a rainbow with a secondary bow at Yosemite National Park. Vasquez, possibly intoxicated during the filming by the tone of his voice, is heard to say amazing and philosophical questions about the rainbows, such as "what do they mean?". Subsequently, the video went viral, furthered by an auto-tuned song using the video's audio track
  • keyboard cat, 27.9mio hits, Footage of a cat playing an electric keyboard that is appended to the end of blooper or other video as if to play the participants off stage after a mistake or gaffe
  • grinding the crack, 19.1mio hits, ...
  • two dining dogs, 14.4mio hits, two dogs sit on a table but they have human hands pretending that they eat a normal meal. the humans providing the hands and "managing" the dogs are hidden under the table
  • ken lee, 12.9mio hits, Badly garbled song sung by Bulgarian Music Idol hopeful Valentina Hasan. The name "Ken Lee" was misunderstood from the English lyric "Can't live," as in "Can't live, if living is without you" from the song "Without You" by Badfinger