oredev 2012

since monday i am in malmö, sweden. attending the oredev conference. its been great here. what happend till now:


  • continous delivery with tom sulston und rachel laycock. great stuff.
  • in the evening we met at kallbadhus a sauna in the sea. after you got heated up you can take a dip in the cold seawater. monday there where 6°C. crazy...


  • started with vim masterclass with drew neil. his new book practical vim is out on pragpub. and his workshop was great. i learned a lot about some vim stuff i didnt know. instead of giving a light overview of all the stuff vim can do drew concentrated on some very important basics. e.g. text objects, optimizing your commands for the mighty dot-command and macros
  • next: vim workshop with tim berglund. he is a githubber and a great speaker. unfortunately for him he had a soar throat but that resulted in a great voice...sorry tim. so we learnded git basics and some inside stuff as well. luckily he didnt go through hie whole 500 pages slidedeck...

on wednesday the conference part starts. so you can expect over 1000 people. and a lot of great sessions.

hope to see you there