on my way to become a keyboard jedi, part II

last time i told you about launchy as a program starter. this time i want to talk about window handling.to switch between windows most people know that you can flip through your open applications with alt+tab. but in vista and 7 you can after you entered alt+tab once move through the applications with the cursor. e.g. when you have many open applications they are arranged in a row-column-layout when pressing alt+tab. the first item is highlighted. then instead of going though all the items one-by-one you can go down and right for example.see this video:

next thing: window management with winsplit revolution:see this video:

here are the keycombinations:

  • Ctrl+Alt+1 = Bottom left corner of the screen
  • Ctrl+Alt+2 = Bottom part
  • Ctrl+Alt+3 = Bottom right corner
  • Ctrl+Alt+4 = Left part
  • Ctrl+Alt+5 = Full screen
  • Ctrl+Alt+6 = Right part
  • Ctrl+Alt+7 = Upper left corner
  • Ctrl+Alt+8 = Upper part
  • Ctrl+Alt+9 = Upper right corner

it is a great tool - really.

to be continued...