on my way to become a keyboard jedi, part I

on my daily work i try to become better in not using the mouse for almost anything. starting programs, file system tasks, navigating the internet, programming, handling windows (as in dialogs not as in os) and more...i want to show some of that stuff:

  • launchy
  • alt-tab
  • winsplit revolution
  • ultramon
  • totalcommander
  • resharper
  • psi
  • menu-mnemonics
  • autohotkey

but more on that step by step.

launchy, free, (Win, MacOS, Linux)launchy is a program launcher. you can start it with a keycombination (default is alt+space) then an entryfield shows up and you can type any part of a programs name you have installed and launchy will show a list of matches. usually a simple enter will start the found program. thats great for starters.launchy app starter but there is more: launchy supports plugins. two of them i wanna show:
putty-launchy-plugin: tell it where your putty lives and it can start saved putty sessions via defined (default "ssh") shortcut. have a session called "webserver" start it with alt+space, "ssh we". if you have putty and your ssh configured for public-key-authentication (and you should have) you are now ready to use your shell.runner (default installed): you can launch special programs from here with parameters you like and give it a special shortcut. e.g. i have special two-letter shortcuts for important specification documents or processexplorer.

to be continued...